4 Apps for 2023! The new CXMXO app collection for real estates

Our new apps for 2023! It’s all about real estates. We developed 4 whole new apps to create a new customer experience beside of the typical website. Now available in your App Store! #1 Lukinski Tools, #2 Lukinski Villas, #3 IE and #4 FIV Magazine. #1 Lukinski Tools App Read more about the app and […]

Lukinski Villas App: Germany, Spain + USA – Now for iOS & Android

Lukinski Villas App – On my travels I bring back one or the other gem. In the new app you can find Lukinski Villas in Germany, Spain and the USA. Discover the exclusive offers now in the app from anywhere. Lukinski Villas App: Download Now availabe for your iPhone: Also available or Android phones: Closer […]

FIV Magazine App: All Issues, Interviews, Fashion Weeks … – Now for iOS & Android

FIV Magazine App – For the anniversary of the 25th issue of FIV Magazine, we are releasing the new app this week! Here you can read all magazines for free. In addition, there are news from fashion, travel and beautiful interior design ideas. Now in your appstore! FIV Magazine App: Download Get in for your […]

“Lukinski Immo Tools”: Real Estate App (Germany) – Finance & Real Estate Calculator

Lukinski Immo Tools – New from CXMXO – Quickly explained: Lukinski Immo Tools is our new app / platform for calculating many key figures for real estate investments. Especially getting started is an obstacle for many: too complex, too expensive, too much time. Our little helpers make real estate investments understandable. Next to Lukinski Villas […]

RoboAdvisor: Build wealth with AI – Financial tool comparison

RoboAdvisor One – New from CXMXO – Quickly explained: our new platform for machine learning / AI in wealth management. Plus in comparison: the best financial tools for modern trading (stocks, ETF, commodities, etc.).  Always up to date, all asset classes and the future. The best providers, insiders to the industry now on RoboAdvisor One. […]